The Salesforce ecosystem has plenty to offer the energy and utility industry, with hundreds of partners offering solutions for key areas such as field service, CRM, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and more.
The energy and utility industry can use Salesforce as follows:

Smart meter management

Salesforce can be used for the management of data collected from smart meters. This data can be used in several different ways, including providing customers with more information about their energy use and helping them reduce their bills. It can also be used to optimize operations by providing an insight into overall demand.

Field service management

Field service management refers to managing the maintenance and repair work done on equipment at customer locations. This work is often carried out by third-party service providers, meaning that utility companies need to implement robust systems for managing the work performed by these providers.

Smart Building Automation

Salesforce can help in managing and maintaining the installation of smart meters and the use of AI-driven systems to manage energy usage, including setting energy thresholds and alerting customers when they’re close to breaching them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Salesforce can play a vital role in the energy and utilities industry in customer relationship management (CRM). CRM systems can help to manage all of these interactions while keeping track of customer information such as energy use, payment records, and meter readings.

Advanced analytics and decision making

Advanced analytics tools can be used to manage this data and provide utilities companies with insights that help them to optimize the operation of this infrastructure. Decision-making in the energy and utilities industry often involves the installation and maintenance of large-scale infrastructure which requires constant monitoring and can be carried out using Salesforce features.