Keep the lights ON ...

Our experts provide application maintenance support to keep the critical work going without hampering the daily work. If you have a smaller team or no team to maintain your Salesforce application, you can opt for On-demand support model. Whether it’s broken functionality, enhancement or something from scratch, our team will listen to your requirement and provide flexible support. A dedicated developer will be assigned to you and you will have the flexibility to start and stop at your own convenience.

Our maintenance support includes:
  • Application Re-engineering

  • Code refactoring

  • Root cause analysis

  • Integration with external applications for data synchronization

  • Migration

We value effective communication and continuous process improvement based on valuable feedback from the customer and efficient knowledge transfer to and from the customer.

Key Features

  • Bug Fixes

    We always put your users first, and make sure that urgent bugs such as issues with registration are fixed as quickly as possible..

  • Third-Party API Updates

    At times third-party services change their APIs. When this happens, your CRM needs to be updated with new service APIs. If you don’t update it, then your application simply won’t work..

  • Security Patches And Updates

    The less secure you app is, the less people will trust it. Software has its own updating dynamic. It’s common for software and apps to update automatically. But lots of software still requires your help for updates. Updates contain important changes that improve the performance, stability and security of your applications. Software should always be patched or updated to avoid security issues.

  • Implementing New Functionality

    New functionality is generally added because a certain feature gets really popular and you decide to expand it, or because a competitor is offering a new feature and you want to keep up. When thinking about new functionality, just keep in mind that more features doesn’t always mean a better product. Adding new features is a normal process. We help you do it better and in time.

  • App Scaling

    To keep your work properly, you’ll need a team to transfer your app to a high-performance server. You need to give your CRM more power. Don’t hesitate to do this. We help you scale your work on your as well as other platforms.