Resolve the Un-resolved

We give solutions of how modern data management has been deployed today across industries, and how companies are standing up solutions with immediate end-user facing business value, in a fraction of the time it takes legacy MDM implementations to even get started.

Using APIs our experts allow you to easily integrate back-office applications with while leveraging existing platform choices for systems like ERP, Financials and other custom applications. We provide solutions for the SOAP and REST APIs, Bulk APIs, Metadata APIs and also asynchronous integration options, to access data in and connect other applications to

Solution set for APIs we offer include: REST API’s


  2. Chatter REST API

  3. User Interface API

  4. Analytics REST API

  5. Bulk API

  6. Metadata API

  7. Streaming API

  8. Apex REST API

  9. Apex SOAP API

  10. Tooling API

Key Features

  • Power, Choice, And Flexibility

    Keep every part of your business integrated by seamlessly integrating cloud services and on-premises applications―and easily model, create, test, and deploy custom APIs.

  • Faster And Easier

    Simplify the building of modern cloud-native applications by graphically choreographing the interactions between APIs and microservices.

  • Far Less Complexity

    Eliminate the complexity of integrating new IoT devices, data, platforms, applications, and other IT assets to help power your digital transformation.