A 360 Degree View

Today a new MDM, known as modern data management, brings data together in the cloud, not only managing customer profiles, but combining a limitless number of entities such as products, price, locations, and relating them all together in powerful hierarchies and affiliations. These new platforms use powerful new big data technologies, similar to those used to power Facebook and LinkedIn applications, which enables them to also combine interactions and transactions, including social data, delivering an all-encompassing view for relevant insights and recommended actions.

Key Features

  • Support All Platforms

    We use the existing, integrated features of the respective device manufacturers.

  • Simplicity

    Our solutions on your Mobile devices will be the system that is easy to set up and run with a minimum of effort.

  • Setup And Configuration Of The Devices

    You get the fastest way to get this done is to configure policies and certificates centrally in a console and then roll them out to the appropriate devices with just a few clicks.

  • Remote Maintenance

    This enables you to centrally roll out and deliver updates, data, apps and configurations.