Real Time Analysis

Broadly, Analytics is any attempt to evaluate business data. More specifically, it is the exploration of an organization’s data with the intent to perform statistical analysis as a means of improving various business aspects.

Analytics makes it easy to combine Salesforce data — or any other data — from across your business.
Sales Analytics comes preloaded with all the lenses and dashboards you need for sales, so reps can quickly identify account whitespace, and get a complete picture of the customer.
With Analytics for Event Monitoring, you can view application performance, understand adoption and usage, and access security data about all your Salesforce apps.
Service Analytics includes dashboards and lenses that can help your whole team deliver better service. It’s embedded right into the Lightning Console, giving agents a 360-degree view of customers.


Types of Analytics Tools

What are some of the different types of analytics tools? Below is a brief list. There are business analytics tools for:

  • Data mining

  • Collaboration

  • Data visualization

  • Predictive/suggestive intelligence

  • Using a cloud-based application

Key Features

  • Embeddable Results

    The must-have features in an analytics tool include the ability to create insights in a format that it is easily embeddable into a decision-making platform. Besides, it should also be able to apply these insights in a real-time stream of event data to make in-the-moment decisions.

  • Includes An Expanded Set Of Basic Charts

    Apart from statistical graphics Salesforce analytics has an additional ability to visualize hierarchies (treemap), financial charts, longitudinal, geospatial and network data are essential.

  • Summaries Generated Easily

    Salesforce analytics has features that produces a quick summary (average, min/max, and histogram) for each variable and displays the results in a compact, scrollable format. This is done entirely through a GUI and doesn’t require any coding.

  • Data Exploration

    Data analytics is such a term which involves discovery and exploration of the underlying data on the frequent basis. With data exploration, organizations can easily understand the business context of a problem and formulate better analytic solutions. Features that help streamline this process can reduce the effort.

  • Reliable

    Before committing to one platform, we give it a trial and check for full functionality across multiple devices, and to make sure that there is an option for free 24-hour work platform as analytics is crucial element of the forecasts a company takes for its going.