Automate towards progress

By using Business Process Automation (BPA) we manage information, data and processes to reduce costs, resources and investment by increasing productivity and automating key business processes through computing technology.

As a BPA implementation outcome Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is often conceived.

By automating your business processes, we provide you Greater Productivity, Improved Job Satisfaction, Increased Efficiency, Full Audibility and Tracking and Improved Accuracy.

Our three main tenets that comprise BPA:

  • It allows companies to orchestrate, integrate, and automatically execute.
  • It centralizes your processes for the greatest amount of transparency by keeping the computing architecture intact.
  • It addresses your human-centric tasks and minimizes the need for personal interaction.
automation, progressing in complexity

There are four types of automation, progressing in complexity

Basic Automation:

Basic automation centers are the simple jobs in your organization, giving a centralized place to store all related information

Process Automation:

This document and manages your business processes for task consistency and transparency. It is more powerful than basic automation and can be controlled by dedicated software and apps.

Integration Automation:

More complex than process automation, integration automation enables machines to observe the way that humans perform tasks and repeat those actions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation:

Adding AI to integration software enables decision-making where your technological support is humanlike. The system would make decisions on what to do with the data, based on what it has learned and constantly analysed.

Key Features

  • Business flow Automation

    Easily automate complex business processes with the Salesforce platform.

  • Increased productivity

    Increase your productivity with Automated Business Flows and automatic setup with work ease for the employee.

  • Sequential Approvals

    Steps by step approvals in your organizational hierarchy accordingly. Minimization of errors in the system.