Professional services firms use Salesforce to create tailored sales processes for each client. They also use it to store all their customer information, manage contracts with customers and even bill them directly.
Professional services use Salesforce in the following ways:

Track prospects and leads

This way, you can know who to prioritize and when. You can also see which prospects you need to follow up with, who needs more attention and who you can move off your list for good.

Manage CRM

While you should always be mindful of your customer’s desire for privacy, Salesforce does offer features that let you collaborate with your customers. You can create templates for contracts, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other documents.

Produce proposals, contracts and invoices

You can use Salesforce to create an invoice and send it to your customers directly from the platform. You can also use Salesforce to store all of your company’s contracts and SOPs. This way, every member of your team will have access to them and know what should happen in every scenario.