In Front Of Your Eyes

In the age of data, intuitive reports and dashboards play a vital role. Data in Salesforce remains in objects and you need good visualization of the data to make informed decisions whether be it sales pipeline, leader board, marketing campaign costs, marketing leads, case SLA report, KPI’s etc.

We can help you in creating best presentation of your data with less effort. New Lightning reports & dashboards are more powerful than before.

There are many other visualization tools which provide more variants of dashboards with much flexibility. If you want an external reports and dashboards to be shown in Salesforce, then our experts can create App so that you don’t have to rely only on Salesforce reports.

Secret Sauce for managing Sales pipeline.

  • Key Focus

    Find out where deals stand, which sales reps are actively working leads, rep behavior and CRM adoption.

  • Key Reports

    Activities by Sales Rep (calls, demos, visits), Opportunities Past Due, Number of Days Without Logging into CRM.

  • Distribution

    All Sales.