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Gain the edge in the Hospitality Business with Salesforce

The world of hospitality is changing at a rapid pace. The globalization of the industry has given rise to new competitive challenges and opportunities. The combination of the Internet and cloud computing has made it easier for businesses of all sizes to connect with customers anywhere, anytime.

All of these has ensured that hospitality business derives maximum benefits from implementing a system like Salesforce in their day-to-day operation.

CRMs have existed for quite sometime now and has been widely integrated in the hospitality business. Still there is a sense of holding back when it comes to cloud-based services like the ones provided by Salesforce.

A system like Salesforce has more to offer than any business owner can imagine. For example, the customers are the vital constituents of a hospitality business with direct experience of the services. Hence it is of prime importance to keep the customers satisfied and happy. Salesforce helps hospitality businesses do exactly that and with great impact.

This article lists some of the benefits that come from using a modern system like Salesforce in the hospitality industry.

Using Third-Party Platforms

Successful implementation of a software system like Salesforce requires keen attention to detail. Many third-party platforms claim to provide certain advantages over a host of hosted solutions, but in many cases, these advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages of using a third-party platform.

Additionally, certain types of functionality (e.g. lead scoring, lead management) are only possible with a properly architected application. If done inappropriately, these types of functionality might even become a disadvantage in the long run.

Using a Modern System like Salesforce

Automation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can have a huge impact on the way companies scale and operate. New tools and technologies have made it possible to centralize and automate many repetitive and manual tasks that used to be handled by employees.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, every location in the business can become a smart factory. This means that every aspect of the business, from menu items to inventory, can be optimized and monitored remotely. This level of automation also makes it possible to integrate other apps such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, finance apps, and marketing automation systems.

Deliver Improved Customer Service

Cloud-based software can improve the way that a hotel interacts with its customers. People often see this as a feature, rather than a benefit, but in certain usage cases, this can be a legitimate advantage.

For example, when a guest has a question or concern about the hotel or the products or services provided by the hotel, a software Support Cloud can help to promptly and securely respond to the issue. Alternatively, when a guest has a complaint or issue with the hotel itself, the software’s Customer Service Cloud can help to promptly resolve the issue and get the guest’s issue resolved as well.

This kind of service is often not available with third-party platforms.

Enable Marketing Automation

Many customers are used to interacting with websites that are optimized for a specific task. With the advent of AI and machine learning, we are starting to see more and more websites and apps able to understand their behaviour and adapt to the user’s needs.

For example, when a customer posts a question or comments on a hotel’s social media post, the client’s social media post can be automatically answered by the hotel. Similarly, when a hotel guest checks in, the hotel software can automatically remind the guest about their stay and provide the guest with useful information about nearby attractions, restaurants, and landmarks.

Facilitate Strong Data Infrastructure

When customers book a stay at a hotel, they usually want to be sure that the stay was worth the money spent. This is why most booking websites provide customers with a free credit score that can help to assess the customer’s creditworthiness.

Wherever possible, the software system should be connected to the internet and have a strong data flow. Strong data flow means that data is being transformed and organized in such a way that it is easily accessible and useful for the business.

In some industries, such as healthcare, security can be a significant concern. Fortunately, AI and machine learning can help to solve this by automatically classifying new data as well as generating reports on any security threats or breaches.


In this article, we have listed some of the advantages of using a modern system like Salesforce in the hospitality industry. The article does not cover all the benefits of using this software system, but rather gives a brief introduction to some of the main benefits of using the system in hospitality businesses.

The article concludes by reminding the reader that the benefits of using a modern system like Salesforce will become even more significant when the adoption of new technologies in the hospitality industry becomes more widespread.

If you are ready for the digital transformation for your business that embraces the future and strengthens the present then you should be implementing Salesforce. This can be easily achieved by contacting a reliable Salesforce partner like Virtuenix.

After a survey of your immediate requirements and future vision Virtuenix team will be able to present a customized Salesforce package for your hospitality business irrespective of its size. Our Salesforce experts will ensure seamless integration of the Salesforce software and provide all assistance for your team to assimilate the new processes.

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