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Summer’21 Release Highlights

User Management:-

1. Get Personalized Guidance

Admins gain easy access to more dependable, actionable resources wherever they are in their implementation journey.

  • Get More Value Out of Salesforce—Whether you’ve started thinking about your implementation goals or have defined your metrics, learn how to make Salesforce work for you.

Get More Value Out of Salesforce—Whether you’ve started thinking about your implementation goals or have defined your metrics,  learn how to make Salesforce work for you

2. Salesforce In-App Content

Salesforce added the following in-app content.

  • A docked prompt that highlights the benefits of Pipeline Inspection to users.
  • A docked prompt that notifies admins that Mobile Home is the new landing page for the Salesforce mobile app.
  • A floating prompt that reminds admins to return to the Service Setup Assistant to finish setting up. A second prompt notifies admins that there are changes that require returning to the assistant.
  • A feature popover that highlights Einstein Search to admins.
  • A feature popover that highlights the learning panel to all users.
  • A welcome mat that introduces admins to Pipeline Inspection.
3. Sales Navigator Integration for LinkedIn
  • Previously, LinkedIn Navigator integration was only available as an AppExchange App.
  • In the Summer ‘21 release, Salesforce will be providing native integration for Sales Navigator, including a LinkedIn Sales Navigator component. This component can be added to the lead, contact, opportunity, and account objects in Lightning page layout.
  • You can also add InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions.

  • Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports (Beta)
    • Previously if you wanted to make any changes in your reports record it wasn’t possible.
    • But in Summer ’21, Salesforce will be providing inline editing to reports. Now you can update certain fields (text, numeric, and checkbox) without leaving the report view.

Admin Management:-

  1. Debug Flows with One Button
  • Now you can Debug flows faster without choosing between debugging on the canvas or viewing only debug details.
  • In the Summer ’21, the flow will determines whether you can debug on the canvas or see only the debug details.
    • In the Summer ’21, Salesforce is providing ISCHANGED, ISNEW, and PRIORVALUE formula functions for Record-triggered flows for new and updated records.


                                                                                  Dynamic Actions Bar

      • You can now quickly and easily configure a Dynamic Actions bar for your standard and custom actions, including setting visibility for the entire Dynamic Actions bar.


3.FLOWS: Sort and Limit Data in a Collection
      • Now, with a new Element in Flows, you can Sort collections according to a field (Ascending or descending order) and limit the size of that collection.

Developer Management:-

1. Improve Page Performance with Custom Lightning Component Analysis
  • Has we have being using Custom Components (Lightning Components or Lightning Web Components) more and more in our Lightning record pages. Salesforce Summer ’21 has brought us a new feature to track the performance of our Lightning page


2. Create Styling Hooks for Lightning Web Components
    • A styling hook is a placeholder in the SLDS style sheet. It helps you to easily customize component styling and express your brand. To use styling hooks use CSS custom properties
3. Manage Access for Apex Tests That Run at Package Version Creation
  • Previously, the user had to have certain permission sets or permission set licenses while writing the Apex test classes. In the coming update you can now use the Apex Test Accesssetting in the sfdx-project.json file, and all the Apex test classes in you package can be assigned permission sets and permission set licenses.

“apexTestAccess”: {

“permissionSets”: [




“permissionSetLicenses”: [




3. Create Package Versions Based on the Upcoming Release

You can now specify the previous release versions. This feature helps you to test upcoming features, run regression tests, and support customers regardless of which Salesforce release their org is on.

{    “release”: “preview”}

Reference: For detailed Information check Salesforce Release Notes