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Automation & Streamline Business


Client is an Internet service Providing company in US. They have a vast network and largely expanding market. Their main focus is customer service and retention which makes their business model complex and could be a nightmare if handled manually.

A complex Problem requires a good Solution and that is what Virtuenix exactly provided. The business required a lead generation, lead retention and customer retention with a real-time billing and subscription solution. The solution required a complex solution of multiple systems integration and data synchronization within the systems in real time as well as in Asynchronous manner.


The Business Flow goes as follows.

  • The customer/Lead visits to the Client Web page for Enquiry.
  • If Services are absent, person details are stored as Lead and if services provided, customer is redirected to the checkout page.
  • Plan selection and auto Checkout for the client and start subscription cycle for the customer.


The Requirements were as follows:


  • Salesforce acts as the true source of data here and every information is passed and verified here.
  • Integrate Mellisa Web API and ArcGIS for the purpose of address search suggestions and address verification in Salesforce.
  • Creation of Business Logics in Sales and Service Cloud for ease and Business automation
  • Lightning Components Development in the Salesforce and its integration with third-party tools.
  • Recurly Billing & subscription system integration with the salesforce.


  • Real time synchronisation of data with the Billing & Subscription tool with salesforce considering the security concerns.
  • To keep the business flow fast with the heavy implementation and different third-party tool integrations.
  • Handling the Security Issues with the payment system and its real-time synchronisation with salesforce.


  • we created a lightning component to make it easy for User to search their addresses where they want Fibre service to be installed.
  • To make user searches easier we embedded Express Entry Address Search API call (Melissa API) to bring all the matching address with User’s partial search.
  • User selects one address out of all the listed address. On selection second API call i.e., Personator API call is made to bring the Latitude and Longitude of selected address.
  • To check the service availability of the address provided by the User a third callout is made to Arc GIS web service call. Integration of ArcGIS and salesforce checks the status of service availability to the user’s address.
  • Creation of Custom Lightning component for experience cloud to capture Customer as Lead or Subscription.
  • Recurly Billing and Subscription Integration for the smooth payment process.
  • Automatic creation of Salesforce records after checkout process completes in Recurly.
  • Asynchronous sync process created which runs every five minutes to sync records from Recurly to Salesforce.
  • For complaints and Issues regarding the service customer logs the problem on the portal and service cloud handles all the issues in the back end via case management, Case Queue and omni channel.