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Solar Project Community


Salesforce implementation with community cloud for Partners, focused on providing support and engagement.

The requirement was to design a partner portal community connected with salesforce and Project management application to directly connect partners to help drive sales. The Client provides Solar solutions dedicated for accelerating the profitable growth of business and thereby, encouraging the use for solar energy resources. The overall aim is to introduce operational effectiveness in business and collaboration.


  • Company partners need to access and assign leads, opportunities, projects and project tasks without being a company’s internal user.
  • The client requirement included developing relationships, streamlining and sharing of records, moving opportunities forward, and tracking progress.
  • Track project numbers progress and resources assigned discreetly in real time
  • Partners also needed to log Cases from community.
  • Access to data as logged in user for creating reports and appropriate dashboards to keep track of the Sales process and ensure alignment of goals.


  • Company had several partners and access to each one’s data should be private.
  • Auto creation of project on lead conversion and mapping of various custom attributes.
  • Project and Task Assignment on the basis of hierarchy in the organisation and its visibility to the Partners discretely
  • Display of Project Page to the Community portal and real time access to partners.


  • Creation of a Partner Community so that the proposed solution meets the needs as articulated and designed collectively by business.
  • Exposing all related objects over the Partner community portal with proper level of sharing and visibility for different set of users defined in the system.
  • Implementation of Project management tool for managing projects, its tasks with sub-tasks with proper task timeline.
  • Customizing Salesforce out of box solution to collect lead, convert lead to person account and opportunity and create project with tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Putting all validation in place so that junk data does not get into the system. Also, to keep integrity of data, implementation of duplicate tracking system so that duplicate records are not created based on defined criteria.
  • Providing user interface in such a manner that it becomes friendly to use the environment. For example, configuration of Kanban view in opportunities to track up the progress on completing each stage.
  • Configuring and setting up the internal user profile by defining sharing sets along with guest user profile and aligning exposed objects on portal in secured sharing model.
  • Configuring all core level of object permissions and setting up the sharing architecture for seamless access of data over the portal in secured manner.
  • Configuring User Reports and Dashboards to track the number opportunities closed for each quarter.