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Project Management & File Management Implementation


Client is a global Leader in Wireless Infrastructure Development Company, provides sales and lease of infrastructure to business customers and manages their all kind of paper works.  As a result of significant growth and acquisition, customer needs to manage the flow of every Project with proper project & task Management. They have lots of paper works, with every project. Which is needed to be managed with right referral of the step of project and in salesforce we have very limited amount of Space to store all those files, hence External File Storage for Salesforce is required.


  • Sequential Project flow for users, from creation of asset to the creation of respective projects.
  • Auto Creation of Projects, Milestones and Tasks from Templates.
  • Validations based on Business Rules
  • Implement automation process to trigger the process based on the Project Type selected.
  • Implement External File Storage for Salesforce and have a two-way sync component to view, delete and upload files from salesforce to cloud.
  • Ability to upload files from different records to different path in cloud according to business rules.


Salesforce independently is not capable of managing projects and flow of the projects without lots of customizations and custom codes. So, we need to implement a globally popular managed package which handles the project management easily. The Sequential flow was achieved by using Process Builders, Triggers, Validation Rules and cloning ability of Project Management System by using custom settings and Apex Codes.

Project Management Package alone cannot fulfil all the client’s need so achieve their Business flow we implemented triggers, process Builders, various apex classes and validation rules. Automatic Project creation is depended on two factors for business i.e. Project Type Field on Asset or the Record Type of Project, and of course the project created won’t be empty, they will be a clone from template that exists already in Projects.
Implementation of External File Storage management system was challenging but achievable, this business need is achieved by a managed package as salesforce did not have any such standard functionality and also did not have such a huge storage capacity available to meet the client’s requirements.

This External storage system provide us with features and components that on ones authorizing with the cloud can give two-way sync feature between cloud and salesforce for every records on the chosen objects from the Storage system settings.