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5 Business Benefits of Salesforce for Non-profits

Salesforce for Non Profits

Salesforce is widely used by businesses across the globe, but it’s especially helpful for organizations that operate in fast-paced environments. Nonprofits, in particular, can benefit from using this software to streamline their operations and drive sales performance.

It is accepted that any organization working for a social cause has to undergo many challenges. In today’s world, it has thus become imperative to have in place some sort of centralized system that can help organizations carry out their functions in an efficient manner and leave their mark among their constituents. It is here that Salesforce steps in to make this possible for nonprofits be it large ones or smaller upcoming entities.

Nonprofits need to be efficient and effective at all times because of their limited resources. This can be challenging for smaller organizations, which often have difficulty finding funding, volunteers, and new customers. Salesforce helps nonprofits manage their day-to-day activities so they can stay organized and focused on their goals.

This article covers 5 benefits of Salesforce for nonprofits and outlines why this software is a great investment for your organization.

#1. Enables Nonprofits to Stay Organized
Nonprofits often need to quickly organize volunteers, donors, and event attendees. To help with organization, Salesforce has a built-in CRM and an email marketing software that allows users to keep their contacts in one place.
Organizations can set up custom email signatures, send automated emails based on events, and receive email insights to help them stay organized. This feature can also work seamlessly with your nonprofit’s website so visitors can easily opt-in to subscribe to your email list.
Another helpful tool for nonprofits is Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, which acts as a sales management software. This feature allows users to manage sales appointments and track deals from beginning to end. Salesforce offers a choice of tools nonprofits can use to stay organized and focus on their goals.

#2. Streamlines The Recruiting Processes
Nonprofits often rely on volunteers to help achieve their goals. To streamline the recruiting process, Salesforce has built-in candidate management software that simplifies the process.
With this feature, organizations can post jobs, create job descriptions, accept resumes, and track hiring progress. This is helpful for smaller organizations that don’t have the resources to hire a full-time HR staff member.
Another way nonprofits can streamline their recruiting processes is by using Salesforce’s email marketing software. This can help nonprofits attract and onboard more volunteers by sending out automated emails.

This feature can also help organizations send out targeted messages to specific segments of their database and track which emails are most effective.

#3. Makes Fundraising Campaigns Hassle-Free
Nonprofits often struggle to track donations and donor progress over time. Salesforce offers nonprofit organizations a customizable donation management software feature. This allows users to easily track donations, create custom fields, and view reports.
This can help organizations track the progress of individual donors and analyse which projects they’ve funded. Donation management software is helpful for organizations that rely on recurring donations.
This feature also allows organizations to set up triggers and alerts to help them stay on top of their donation process. If your nonprofit relies on donations, Salesforce can help you track them and ensure transparency.

#4. Helps Implement Effective CRM
Salesforce offers built-in customer relationship management (CRM) software that nonprofits can use to view their member enrolment and activity journey. This feature allows organizations to follow their constituents from the moment they opt in to subscribe to your list to the moment they become full-time supporters of your organisation and further.
With CRM software, organizations can see what actions members are taking and identify potential pain points. This can help nonprofits improve their member experience and identify where they could better the member relationship.
Salesforce CRM software also tracks a customer’s membership history so nonprofits can forecast future revenue based on past activities.

#5. Boosts Sales and Marketing Collaboration
Salesforce offers many features that can help organizations collaborate with their sales and marketing teams.
These features include lead management, prospect management, and sales forecasting tools. These features allow nonprofits to track leads, forecast sales, and collaborate with their marketing teams to create more effective campaigns.
Salesforce has many integrations that can help organizations boost their collaboration. These integrations include Salesforce’s partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence platform. These partnerships allow nonprofits to sync their data with other business software, like Mailchimp and Hubspot.
Salesforce also offers a platform as a service (PaaS) that allows users to build and host custom apps on its platform. This feature is helpful because organizations don’t need to have in-house developers to create new apps.
Event Management
Fundraising events are crucial for any nonprofit organization. Whenever an event is planned you can set up a microsite in your Salesforce CRM. You can manage the registration process, you can connect your e-store for managing sales of your merchandise, you can provide the event agenda to your distinguished guests through email and also use social media platforms simultaneously for communication.
You can also receive feedback on the event once it is over. This helps in coordinating the event and conducting it successfully.

The Bottomline
Salesforce is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes, but it can be especially helpful for nonprofits. Salesforce system can help organizations stay organized, automate their recruiting processes, and track their customers’ buying journey.
With Salesforce, organizations can better collaborate with their sales and marketing teams to create more effective campaigns. Salesforce implementation is also helpful for businesses with remote workers because it can be accessed anywhere.
This investment will pay off because it can help your nonprofit boost its sales, improve its customer experience, and ultimately help your nonprofit organisation achieve its goals in a streamlined, professional and timely manner.
Salesforce offers varied options at prices that are aligned to the budgets of nonprofit organizations. With additional provision for Salesforce customization, the platform can be extensively adapted for your organization’s unique needs. The entire choice of Salesforce for nonprofits is made more attractive and reliable because of the ready availability of all over Salesforce support options.
The Salesforce implementation is best done through authorized Salesforce partners like Virtuenix, who can provide a range of Salesforce services with high standards and in a customer-friendly way.