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Salesforce NPSP Package: What’s Out There?

Salesforce NPSP Package

The Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP has been developed significantly since 2008 to become the most widely utilised nonprofit Salesforce application in response to the demands of the nonprofit sector.

NPSP is a Salesforce-based fundraising and constituent management application that has been developed by Salesforce to address the needs of nonprofits.

Regardless of whether your organisation is all-volunteer, medium-sized, or well-resourced and established, the Nonprofit Success Pack will assist you in achieving your mission. Every day, thousands of organisations utilise the Nonprofit Success Pack to accomplish theirs.

In addition to providing Salesforce features for standard CRM functions such as lead management, the NPSP packages provide functionality for dealing with individuals and households. Salesforce does not offer a “nonprofit edition”; the NPSP packages are installed on top of the Enterprise Edition, which is the most popular edition that Salesforce provides.

Salesforce offers 6 managed packages that enhance the Salesforce Enterprise Edition to organisations that need to process their data and information in a resourceful manner.

1. Contacts and Organizations package – This package supports the notion that individuals can be dealt with in two different ways. The biggest benefit of the Contacts and Organizations package is that it provides a comprehensive set of rollup summary fields that permit you to access donation information right away on the Contact detail page and in Contacts reports and dashboards (such as total donations last year, total donations this year, and biggest donation).

2. Households package – This helps collect and manage a family’s giving history based on their household.

3. Recurring Donations package – This easily bulk-creates recurring Opportunity records/donations (for example, via a regular giving programme).

4. Relationships package – Helps track key relationships (family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers) between individuals (contact-to-contact).

5. Associations package – Enables to record the affiliations between individuals and organisations (contact-to-organisation). For example, John Smith may be an employee of ACME Corporation as well as a board member of Save the Whale.

6. Batch Data Entry package – This allows you to quickly enter batches of data into any Salesforce object or field.

Although Salesforce does not offer a “nonprofit edition” that they may purchase for nonprofits, the NPSP packages are installed on top of the Enterprise Edition, which is the most popular version that Salesforce provides.

Salesforce has integrated its artificial intelligence engine, Einstein, into an array of services that target niche markets. The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a suite of services tailored for non-profit organizations.

The NPSP is a part of the Salesforce charitable ecosystem, which includes other products like the Salesforce Impact and Salesforce Foundation packages. Users can purchase these tools as a subscription or as part of a custom adoption package.
If you’re researching salesforce NPSP packages for nonprofits, here’s what you need to know:

The one-stop solution
The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a suite of AI-powered services for non-profit organizations.
NPSP helps organizations capture, analyze and apply data to improve the donor experience.
The NPSP is a one-stop solution for non-profits that want to integrate CRM, email marketing and analytics.

Einstein-Powered Tools
The NPSP is powered by Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence engine. It can recognize patterns in data sets and learn from new data to identify hidden insights.
The NPSP’s AI tools can help you with donor recognition, email marketing, fundraising, analytics and more.

Donation recognition: Recognition is the process of thanking donors for their contributions. Donation recognition is a vital step toward building relationships with donors.

With Einstein’s donation recognition tool, you can create customized donor experiences based on their donation size, event attendance and other parameters.

The tool uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to recognize donors and deliver digital experiences that can help you strengthen donor relationships.

Volunteer CRM: Volunteer CRM is a core NPSP service that can help you manage your volunteer activities.

You can create a centralized database of volunteer activities, assign tasks and manage schedules through a web-based platform or mobile app.

The CRM tool can help you create a database of volunteers and their activities, and you can use it to report on volunteer hours and monitor the progress of ongoing activities.

Social impact: The social impact tool can help you measure your social impact through a centralized dashboard. The tool helps you track and analyze your social media activities and other events.

The social impact tool can automatically track the number of impressions, clicks and the average number of likes or shares for every post on social media.

Fundraising campaigns: Fundraising campaigns can help you create personalized email campaigns for your donors. The tool can help you design personalized email templates, track email performances and organize your email marketing calendar.

The fundraising campaign tool can help you create one-off or recurring campaigns, segment your audience based on donor attributes, and take action based on insights from the campaign results.

Analytics: The social impact tool can help you monitor social media activities and track events with analytics tools.

You can track posts on social media and identify top-performing posts to schedule them for future posts. You can also track events, check guest attendance and monitor event activities.

Email marketing: The email marketing tool can help you create personalized email campaigns to engage with prospective donors.

You can create one-off or recurring email campaigns and design email templates based on your organization’s branding.

Community management: The community management tool can help you engage your followers and members with social media management tools.

You can use the tool to schedule posts, create a social media calendar, and manage your followers to improve community engagement.

Other Important Features
Security: The NPSP provides you with secure access to data and ensures that only authorized users can access the information.
The security features include two-factor authentication, user authorization, data encryption and role-based access control.

Impact tracking: The NPSP helps you track the social impact of your non-profit.
You can use it to track your social media activities and measure the number of impressions, clicks and the average number of likes or shares for every post on social media.

Customer support: The NPSP provides 24/7 customer support through email, chat or phone.

You can also schedule a call with a support agent during business hours. You can also submit a service request through your organization’s console.

Key Takeaways
The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a powerful package of tools that can help you manage your non-profit.
It is not a free service, and it requires technical expertise to set up. It is important to evaluate your organization’s requirements before you select the right Salesforce service provider.
The NPSP is a great package of tools but it may not be the right solution for every non-profit. You can best customize and implement the NPSP package with the technical expertise and support of an expert and well-experienced Salesforce partner.