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How can Salesforce 360 make educational institutions competitive?

The year 2020 was a period when the Indian ed-tech industry recognized the importance of digitalization. This was made all the more relevant due to the surge in demand for online learning and the launch of the National Education Policy (NEP).
The recent developments in the education industry have led to unprecedented opportunities for ed-tech players and educational institutions. To leverage the advantage gained would be ideal and ensure that they are a step ahead of the competition.
Schools are finally starting to recognize the benefits of integrated learning platforms. In recent years, many programs have made waves in the education space by offering solutions that make it easier for teachers and students to access curricular materials, track student progress, and conduct virtual classroom activities.
While these programs have made a huge impact on the way institutions of higher education and K-12 schools operate and communicate, they haven’t quite revolutionized educational technology as an industry.
Simultaneously there has been a rise in new alternative ed-tech solutions such as Salesforce 360. These programs can be more effective than current solutions for integrating technology into classroom activities.
Let’s take a closer look at emerging technologies like Salesforce 360 —and they can bring about changes in education technology with innovative education solutions moving forward.

What is Salesforce 360?
Salesforce 360 is a new integrated cloud-based solution that aims to make CRM more accessible to organizations of all sizes.
It’s an evolution of the standard Salesforce platform, offering users a comprehensive set of features for managing their customer relationships, business processes, and analytics data.
Salesforce 360 is unique because of its versatile platform and partner ecosystem. Users have access to new apps and integrations from a variety of providers that make the system more accessible. It also offers a variety of pricing plans that can accommodate a diversity of budgets and organizations.

Advantage Salesforce 360 for Ed-tech
The rise of Salesforce may indicate that businesses are ready to embrace more robust and comprehensive solutions for managing their customer relationships. If this is true, it could mean that organizations are ready to adopt more powerful and integrated software for managing their educational relationships.
In the K-12 environment, current learning management systems have become too simplified and narrowly focused. This can make it difficult for educators to integrate technology into their lesson plans in a meaningful way.
The good news is that Salesforce 360 provides CRM solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of both large and small educational organizations.
The Right Solution for Ed-Tech
Here are a few pointers on how Salesforce 360 can bring about the change:
1.It offers a Scalable Solution for Small and Large Educational Institutions.
One of the biggest challenges educators face is finding ways to integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum.Learning management systems are geared toward smaller schools that can’t handle a robust, enterprise solution.
Salesforce 360 has built a scalable solution for both small and large educational institutions.

2. It Can Integrate with Other Educational Solutions.

One of the best things about Salesforce is that it can integrate with several other solutions and apps. This gives educators the ability to build a system that meets the needs of their specific classroom or school while still being able-to-use data insights to improve their overall operations.
3. It Provides a Platform for New Ed Tech Solutions
While Salesforce 360 has been recently explored as an ed-tech solution. This means that developers have an opportunity to create apps and integrations designed to make the system more effective for educators.
4. Enables a Connected Campus
Today, students expect personalised engagements for assimilating knowledge, receiving proactive advice and having a connected experience with other students and faculty.
The 360 views gained across the complete student lifecycle will help institutions deliver student expectations and empower the scope of the institutions.

5. Integrates Educational Operations

Salesforce 360 is a platform that easily enables any educational institution to connect all their systems, data and people to create new paradigms in communication, student management, enrolment and finances. It enables educational entities of every size to engage with key constituents and focus on student success.

6. It Can Be Accessible for a Diverse Range of Budgets

One of the challenges with other enterprise-level solutions for managing educational organizations is that they’re often expensive.
This can be particularly challenging for smaller schools and institutions that cannot afford to make a large technology investment or do not have the funds to team up with a provider.
Salesforce 360 provides educators with a cost-effective solution that they can scale to meet the needs of their specific organization.
Salesforce will be a key driving force for the future of ed-tech. There are many other solutions and platforms emerging that could provide robust and effective ways to integrate technology and data into educational operations but Salesforce leads the way and offers you the solution in its entirety.
By reviewing the features and benefits of the Salesforce program, you can decide if the technology is right for your organization and if it could provide a more effective way to manage your educational activities.
If you are interested in furthering the digital transformation of your institution then this is the right time and the opportunity to do so with just a call to one of the leading Salesforce partners in India – Virtuenix.