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Salesforce Application: The scope of Salesforce in various industries

Salesforce is a leader in the cloud computing space. Its widespread use as an enterprise application also makes it one of the most common software titles you’ll see in job descriptions at most companies.

Salesforce has several industry-specific applications that work best in specific settings. Each of these apps serves a different purpose, making them ideal for a particular industry or set of needs.

While many businesses have standard versions of these apps, Salesforce takes them to another level with their own branded versions.

Salesforce in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is heavily regulated, and many companies operate on a lean production model. This makes Salesforce Manufacturing a good option.

Salesforce Manufacturing is built with compliance in mind, including features that make data security a breeze. It also offers a variety of ways to integrate with other applications, so it’s easy to use with other tools.

Salesforce Manufacturing keeps track of product data, inventory, and production schedules. It also helps in scheduling and organizing maintenance for equipment, so companies can get their products out the door faster. This is especially helpful for large manufacturers who run multiple shifts at a single site.

With a consolidated system for managing all aspects of production, a company can boost productivity and increase operational efficiencies

Salesforce in Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting (F&A) industry is all about data. And since there are so many types of data in F&A, it must be secure and easy to access. That’s where Salesforce F&A shines.

With Salesforce F&A, you can track all of your data in one place. This makes data entry much easier, compared to a hybrid solution where you have to log data in multiple systems. F&A is all about compliance, and Salesforce F&A helps companies stay within the rules.

It’s also designed to work with other applications, so it’s easy to integrate with existing systems. With its flexibility and ease of use, Salesforce F&A is a good fit for any company, large or small.

Salesforce in Marketing and Advertising

Advertising and marketing go hand in hand. With the ability to track leads and conversions, Salesforce Marketing is a great solution for this industry.

It also includes collaboration tools that make it easy to work with others in the company. Marketing teams often use a variety of tools, so simplicity and ease of use are important factors.

Marketing often relies on data, so you want a system that’s easy to use and keeps your data organized. With Salesforce Marketing, you can manage your leads, track your conversion rates, and measure ROI.

It also has a collaboration tool that lets you work with other departments, such as sales, customer service, and engineering.

Salesforce in Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies create products that are used daily by millions of people. For this reason, customer satisfaction is vital to keeping business booming.

Salesforce CRM helps companies keep track of customer interactions, including complaints and suggestions. It also allows you to track your sales leads and sales opportunities.

Salesforce CRM is also built with collaboration in mind. This makes it easy to work together on projects, regardless of which department your peers work for.

CRM works well for any company that provides a service. Examples include call centres, software companies, and financial advisors.

Salesforce in Professional Services

Professional services firms often rely on repeat customers. This makes retention and keeping track of customers’ needs important. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you manage your customers.

With Salesforce Service Cloud you can log service calls and track your tech support. It also includes a help desk feature that allows customers to log issues directly.

Service Cloud also integrates with other applications, making it easy to use with other tools. This allows you to pull data from other systems, making it easy to get the information you need. It also lets you track your clients’ contracts, making it easier to stay on top of your customer commitments.

Salesforce in eCommerce and Retail

Retail and eCommerce businesses are often early adopters of new technology. This makes the ideal fit for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which has many advanced features.

Commerce Cloud is designed for large retailers and brands. It also works well for SMBs that sell online.

This application helps you manage your product catalogue, manage inventory, and organize your orders. It’s also designed to work with other applications, so it’s easy to integrate with existing systems.

Commerce Cloud is a good fit for companies that sell online. This includes websites, marketplaces, and online stores.

Salesforce in Education

Schools and universities need special tools to keep track of students and faculty. Salesforce Education helps you manage your students, classes, and professors. It also includes a feature for managing special events, such as school sports or special lectures.

Salesforce Education also integrates with other applications. This makes it easy to pull data from other tools, such as your student information system. It also lets you share data with other people in your organization, so you can collaborate more easily.

Salesforce in Non-Profit Services

Non-profits often rely on donations to fund their work. While donors often provide information, it’s helpful to keep track of this data. This allows you to follow up with frequent donors while giving you the information you need to thank others.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud is designed for organizations that rely heavily on donations. It includes tools for managing donors, tracking funds, and setting up events. It also works well with other applications, letting you pull data from other tools.

Salesforce in Other Industries

You’ll find Salesforce in a variety of other industries as well. These include health care, utilities, travel and hospitality and more.

Health care organizations have plenty of data, which makes a CRM application like Salesforce helpful.

Utilities often use Salesforce to manage their operations. This includes managing field personnel, tracking schedules, and managing customer service.

Travel and hospitality businesses often use Salesforce to manage reservations and customer data.

Bottom line

Day by day more and more businesses are being added to the list of industries where  Salesforce can make an impact. While every industry has its own needs, Salesforce works well for many industries.

There’s likely a solution that works for your business, regardless of what your industry is. If you’re still deciding on an application, keep in mind that each company has a standard version of Salesforce as well.

Even though the standard version has many of the same features as the industry-specific apps, it’s important to consider how you’ll use the software. This will help you determine which app is best for your organization.

To help you make it a winning proposition you can always contact a leading Salesforce partner like Virutuenix and make your company’s digital initiatives more relevant and fault-free.